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We have a range of custom-made products for our clients for personalised transactions and services.

Bayview Italy 106‘s in-house team of mortgage experts is focused on assisting our customers with new home financing. Whether you are interested in purchasing a new home or just want to look into changing your current finance, we are here to help! We may be able to reduce your monthly payments or help you to consolidate your debt.



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We’re here to help! We have a number of solutions to help you through difficult moments. Our team of experts is here to help get you back on the right track. Get in touch today for a personalised solution.

We manage the entire credit cycle, from financing to loan servicing. Our internal platform provides a best in class service and is recognised by S&P Global Ratings as selected provider for the Italian market.


Due Diligence.

Due diligence is the process of investigating and analysing credit aspects from a real estate and legal perspective. The main aim of this process is to identify the nature and value of the portfolio being analysed. Good due diligence is the foundation of successful management. In order to maximise the results of due diligence, BVI offers the following services:

» Data and information collection
» Statistical analysis
» Credit assessment
» Cash flow and prices

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Bayview Italia 106 S.p.A.

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Bayview Italia 106 S.p.A.

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Piazza Armando Diaz n.5, 20123 – Milano