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Bayview Italia 106 is a financial intermediary
supervised by the Bank of Italy.


Personalised solutions so you can take control of credit.

Our mission is to provide quality, speed and a personalised service to all our customers. We use innovative strategies and proven methods to create personalised solutions so you can take control of credit.
We focus on the whole credit cycle, from loan origination to servicing performing and non-performing loans on the Italian market. Thanks to a team of experienced professionals specialising in financial, origination and legal matters, we offer the best credit management and recovery strategies, helping people to deal with financial difficulties and ensuring respect in every contact with clients as well as timely compliance with current legislation.
For this reason, Bayview Italia 106 is one of the most dynamic companies on the market, combining a customer-oriented approach and technical expertise to offer prompt and efficient solutions.

Bayview Italia 106 and its subsidiary Bayview Italia Srl are the result of aninternationalisation and growth project by Bayview Asset Management LLC, with registered office in Miami, Florida USA. Bayview Asset Management wholly owns Community Loan Servicing, a leading US special servicer, and Lakeview Loan Servicing, the fourth largest provider of mortgage lending services on the US market. Bayview Asset Management has transferred its corporate philosophy and best practices to the Italian office, including simplified credit management, maximum transparency, excellent customer service and a team of professionals dedicated to monitoring all stages of the credit process.

In 2019, Bayview Italia Srl was added to the S&P Global Ratings Select Servicer List based on a comprehensive assessment of the company’s operational capabilities to service commercial mortgages, residential mortgages and asset-backed portfolios.


Board of Directors

Generoso Capaccio


Generoso Capaccio has been instrumental in bringing Bayview into the Italian servicer market by founding Bayview Italia Srl, an Italian special servicing and asset management company. Thanks to extensive experience in real estate, servicing and NPL, Generoso has created a team of professionals able to manage loans from beginning to end. In 2021, Generoso and his team earned the 106 Tub certification from the Bank of Italy, thus helping Bayview to grow on the mortgage market in Italy and adding to the loan management offer.
Generoso Capaccio has previously been Head of NPL and RE Asset Management for GE Capital Real Estate Italia at the Milan registered office, where he managed more than five billion GBV of NPL and one billion in RE. He also took on the role as Portfolio Manager of the Real Estate Financial team at The Royal Bank of Scotland, managing a CRE credit portfolio. His career started in 1999 as Business Analyst for Real Estate Services Banks in the Morgan Stanley group.
Generoso Capaccio has a degree in Law from the Università degli Studi di Milano.

Laura Murchison


Laura Murchison has been working at Bayview and on the NPL market for more than 15 years. That is why we chose her to transfer from Bayview’s headquarters in Miami to Milan in 2016 to expand our loan servicing activity globally. Laura founded Bayview Italia Srl – an Italian special servicing and asset management company with the aim of bringing the best management strategies from the American market to the Italian one – in collaboration with Generoso Capaccio. Laura was instrumental in obtaining the 106 Tub certification from the Bank of Italy. Her goal is to further expand the company’s mortgage management business through Bayview Italia 106 SpA by overseeing and helping to improve the quality of service, speed and implementation of innovative strategies to help customers throughout the entire credit process. Prior to her current role as COO, Laura was Vice President of Asset Management for Bayview Loan Servicing U.S., where she was responsible for 35 employees.
Laura has a degree in Economy and Finance from the University of Central Florida.

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Bayview Italia 106 S.p.A.

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Bayview Italia 106 S.p.A.

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Piazza Armando Diaz n.5, 20123 – Milano